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GGAC Ministries

Give God A Chance Ministries


My name is Michelle this is my testimony, you name it, and I have did it, I was a founding member of Stuck To Unstuck when I moved from Washington State back home to Texas. I was asked if I would write something for North Pudget Sound Singles Ministry Newsletter, I wrote "Keep Your Eye on the Light." This is a small part of my story, I was 15 and shooting up for 5 years, I was an alcoholic for 30 years. I know that I am not the only person who has been here; I have also decided to include Dear Lord, which is a poem I wrote when I was really hurting in my journey to change my life. I am including MEMO FROM GOD, I have printed this off and taped it on my refrigerator so I can read it everyday. I hope it encourages you. 

Below are reviews and insights from others about GGAC Ministries:


I continue to fail, but I do not rely on myself to stand up, or to move forward. I rely on His mercy, His Love, and His grace. Michelle--Thank you for your insight.

You..,are an example of His blessings on me. Thank you Jesus, and thank you, Michelle, for your kind words, your insight, and your prayers. Please continue to pray for me and I will, pray for you.

Humberto Bustamante   

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find people you can trust. GGAC Ministries was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of love I received was more than what I ever expected. Keep up the good work Michelle!”


Author Michelle Griffin of the book "Before It's Too Late", shares reality from her heart and life. Her greatest desire is to encourage teens to avoid the pitfalls of addiction to alcohol and all drugs. Michelle also longs to guide those snared by addictions to Give God a Chance to fill the empty spots in life. Addicts and relatives of addicts, travel the pages of this book; you'll be glad you did.

Dianne Haneke Ph. D.


Michelle that's great. Glory to God.

I would like to thank you for sharing your testimony with the Celebrate Recovery group at Central Baptist Round Rock. All the men and women were buzzing with words of praise. Your testimony gives one hope. We will keep the ministry that God has called you to in prayer. I would love it if you would consider coming to CTTC with us.

God Bless & keep you in His hand.

Ed Ewald

Central Baptist Church of Round Rock, TX.


We want to tell you, THANK YOU!! We were so blessed to have you tonight at the meeting. Everyone was talking about your testimony after the small groups and how much you spoke to them. We are so grateful for you coming and we will keep your ministry in prayer. I am sorry that I didnt get to visit with you more but trying to get the meal set up and God Bless You.

Diane and Glenn Crain

Coryell Community Church

Gatesville Texas



Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Your publisher sent me the e-book. Thank you so much for writing it as well. My son's name is Zack. He is 22 years old. I would be so grateful for your prayers for him. I am praying daily for his healing and delivery. I give God the glory and have surrendered Zack into His hands. I will never give up hope. I would be honored for you to talk with him. I have been praying for Godly influences and people to enter his life. I am going to let him read your book and give him your e-mail and let God take it from there. Thanks again. I would like to know more about your ministry.



Dear Michelle, I want to tell you, before I go to bed, “thank you so very much for allowing God to guide you to make this day possible”. I know He is in control and will allow many to be comforted through His ministry at G/T hospital. You are such a blessing in God’s kingdom, and how fortunate I am to have you as a friend. That was such a good article in the Faith & Family paper – we both were glad to read it.



Michelle, You and your love of God and people make you a treasure to the LORD!

Thanks! barb

To get a copy of Michelle's book click on this 


This is written by my very good friend and brother in Christ. His story is much like mine only the male version, with a terrible childhood because of an abusive father. Michael is now went home to our Father due to cancer, God rest his soul. Mike's life was transformed just as mine by Stuck To Unstuck and Pastor Ron Deegan.

The Gift by 

Michael D. 


Each new day presents us with a magical gift,

It comes wrapped in the colors of sunrise,

Carrying the scent of dewy grass and windswept leaves,

The gift is of our own choosing

It is we who decide it's weight

Is it buoyant with opportunities and understand?

Is it light in the hand with warm words and praise?

Or is it heavy with selfishness and hatred?

It is we who decide what to keep and what to share,

Do we share compassion and understanding?

Do we eagerly give love and acceptance?

Do we seek fertile souls to plant hope, or do we crush the seeds of love with our words?

It is we who decide where to take our gift,

We can carry it gently to higher ground,

To places where it can bloom and grow,

Where the rains of love will soothe and nourish,

Or we can choke it with the dust of despair.

You will receive a gift tomorrow morning...

You will decide it's weight...

You will decide what to keep and what to share,

You will decide where to take it, choose wisely, for it is your life....


Yesterday morning Veterans day 11-11-2010, I was driving down I35 outside Austin Texas and there was a young man walking. He did not have his thumb out but I pulled over anyway to give him a ride. His name is Luke and he is traveling across the U.S. up to Seattle doing a documentary on hitch-hiking. He broke out his camera and interviewed me while driving down the road. He is about 24-25 years old, I did not think to ask him his age as we were having such good conversation. About a mile down the road was another hitch-hiker, I pulled over and picked him up also. He was a veteran who had lost his job and not gotten paid and was trying to make it back home to Oklahoma, his name was Paul! Luke interviewed him also to document his story. Luke was telling us that he had prayed to God and asked him “God if I am to continue on this journey please give me a sign” well he and I both believe me stopping and picking him up was that sign. He said he was ready to give up and quit.

I cannot help but think of the bravery and courage it is taking for Luke to take this journey in the dangerous world we live in now days. I am asking you if you could please air this story so than any listeners who may see Luke will maybe pick him up and help him on his journey but more than anything else if we could get a prayer chain going to pray for his safety on this journey!

You may wonder why this is so important to me. I use to be a drug addict and alcoholic and have been homeless 5 times. I use to have to hitch-hike A LOT! It is very dangerous out there. I was raped once but survived. I am very concerned for Luke. I always pull over and pick up hitch-hikers because I remember what it was like walking down those highways just praying for the next place to rest or the next safe ride. I also pick them up because I want to know their story. That is the first thing I ask them, “what is your story?” Everyone has a story and I am always curious as to what is this persons story.

As I said he is about 24-25, he is carrying a guitar case and a LARGE army like duffle bag with a brown teddy bear pillow hanging off of it. He has curly brown hair and is tall and thin. I am thinking this morning as I awoke at 3:00 a.m. thinking of him, he should probably be between Waco and Dallas or up around Dallas by now. PLEASE PRAY for Luke and his safety on this journey!!! GOD bless you all

UPDATE -Today 2-5-2011 Luke called me and said "thank you so very much, if it hadn't been for you and others who gave me a ride I would probably still be out there." He was very greatful and safe back at home in Texas! PRAISE BE TO GOD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!!! Thank you LORD for protecting Luke and bringing him back home safely!!! Just as this young man in this story did not give up, neither should you, you will never win (succeed) if you give in!! DON"T give up and remember "Greater is HE who is in (for) us than he who is in the world" 1 John 4:4

Never give up on GOD because HE will never give up on you!!!


Coming Soon, more testimonials from people who want to share, please if this website has inspired you or helped someone you know please send us your testimonial !

I would love to include it here, every word spread helps someone else !