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GGAC Ministries

Give God A Chance Ministries

Final Reception

"To be loved when we are feeling lovable–that’s good. To be loved when we are feeling unlovely, unlovable–that’s life to someone who’s dying. That’s grace.

"The desert is the place where I can learn to live for the love of God."

I hope and pray for the best; for God's Will in my life and the lives of those I love, whether or not that love is returned. Sometimes you wonder if you are praying in the right way, why does the best not happen? Does God hear your prayers? You wonder if you are praying the right way? You don't have to be fancy in your prayers, just talk to Him, that is all He wants. You can even pray something like this:

Dear Father so far today I've done all right, I haven't lost my temper, I haven't been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or self-indulging, I'm very thankful for that. But in a few minutes, LORD I'm going to get out of bed and from then on, I am going to need a lot more help. Please Father bless all those in my family and those I love. Bless all those who are suffering for Your Names sake and bless all those who are fighting in wars. In JESUS Name I ask You be with me throughout my day. AMEN

Be persistent with your prayer. If your son asks you for a bicycle and then seemingly forgets about it and never brings the subject up again, how deep is his desire for it? How much do you think he would appreciate it if he did get one? So when you ask for something from your Heavenly Father, before He supernaturally intercedes God wants to know that we deeply desire what it is that we are asking for, and it has to be in God's will for your life. In other words God uses our need/desire as a vehicle to bring us closer to Him. Maybe you have heard of the story of the widow who would not give up (Luke 18:1-8), When you deeply desire something, you should cry out to God day and night-never give up.

When you meet someone you really care about, you can not spend enough time together. You find yourself thinking of that person day and night. You spend all the time you can with that person, this is how God wants you to be with Him, as with any real relationship it must be developed over time.

I also found that the music I was listening to either brought me down or made me want to go out drinking and partying. In these days, music is as subjective if not more so than religion, think about it. People listen to music more than they read the Bible.

The new Christian music has pop, soft rock, rock and roll, and just overall feel good ENCOURAGING music and the Spirit of God will speak to your heart. I would like to encourage you to just give it a try for two weeks. Go to Klove find a station in your area, soon you will have the opportunity to share it with someone close to you, and only GOD knows how it will influence that person or turn their life around, as it will yours.

I have never been sooooo encouraged and inspired by anything else in my life than music, as is e whether you think so or not, you are! You can soothe the savage beast with the sound of music or the words in the music. It is an act of Worship from us to GOD but also love from God to us~!

We can learn something from any experience, even one that is painful. In fact, we often learn more from painful experiences than from pleasant ones. It may hurt to be arrested for drunk driving, but the pain of that experience may be the beginning of recovery for someone who is addicted. Our life is a gift that comes wrapped in what we experience each moment. When we accept this gift and open it willingly, no matter what the wrapping looks like, we put ourselves in a position to discover unexpected treasures.

Mary knew she was in trouble when the bus entered unfamiliar territory. When she finally pulled up to the last stop, she wasn't sure what to do. The driver hardly spoke English, and Mary began to panic. She rushed to the phone through a crowd of vagrants and drunks. With tears, she called her sister, pleading for her to come rescue her from her trial. When her sister's car pulled up outside the terminal, tears of joy and relief flowed freely down Mary's face.

Often we need to have a terrible trial in order to remember what it means to be truly thankful. Our praise is from the heart when we have been in danger or discomfort. Bad situations help us to appreciate how good our lives can be. Even in trial, God reaches through to help us to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Praise the Lord for all the good things He has given, and know that He will rescue you from all perils.

The waves were rolling and crashing, and the luxury liner was pitching with each and every one. It would ride high upon the crest of one wave, then plummet to the trough of the next. The passengers were despairing of life itself. Even the most stout-hearted grew uneasy in the roiling sea.

Our lives are like tempest-tossed boat rides sometimes. We climb to breathtaking heights and fall to desperate lows, and there are times when we feel as though we just can't go on. The Lord understands these feelings. He was nailed to a cross just three days later He was exalted on Sunday . He has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and He, too, felt Himself melt in the face of distress. It is well to remember that the Lord is with us, and He can truly be of help to us because He has walked our path before us. When the storms of life toss us the hardest, that is when we can count on the Lord to be closest.

 Holding On To Our Hope

Romans 5:1-5

If you are in a personal desert–a place where your hopes seem only a wavy mirage somewhere on the horizon–it is comforting to realize that God works there. Especially there.

John Ortberg writes: "Odd as it sounds, the desert can offer a unique opportunity to experience the depth of God’s love.

"When you’re at the top of your game–praying with fierce joy, untroubled by temptation, triumphing in ministry, again you hear the message that he loves you, it is a great thing!

"In the desert, though, the word of God’s love can speak to a deeper place in your heart. In the desert you come to God and you haven’t prayed well (or maybe none at all), you have been battered by temptation, rocked by doubts, and feel there may be more hindrance than help to whatever work God may be doing in the world. Yet even so you hear the words, ‘I still love you. I could not love you more than I do now. I still want you for my child. Haven’t you learned? You are the object of my undying affection. You are the beloved.’

Ephesians 4:30

A campfire needs fuel to burn. Campers will add dry sticks and leaves to keep the flames high and hot, but when it is time to sleep, they will either starve the fire or forcibly put it out with water or dirt.

The Lord has lit a fire in every believer’s heart. We must learn to heed Paul’s warning against quenching the Spirit and tend the flame of faith with care (1 Thessalonians 5:19). A newly saved person is sealed forever as a child of God by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Nothing can expel Him from their being. But with our actions and attitudes, we can stifle His voice. As Christians, we are to walk by the Spirit, relying upon Him to give guidance and fulfill our needs. When we choose to sin, however, the Spirit of God is muffled and consequently unable to operate as He normally does. It is as if we throw cold water on our heart’s fire.

Saying no when the Spirit prompts us to obey is rebellion. If we do not prayerfully deal with the fallout from our disobedience, we begin to drift away from the Lord. Other interests pull our attention away from reading the Bible and talking with God. Church loses its appeal. Our hungering and thirsting after the things of Christ wanes so we cease to feed our soul. Our faith fire slowly starves into ash.

Believers must fuel their flame with spiritual “kindling” — prayer, reading God’s Word, sharing the Gospel, and serving others. A hot fire has cleansing power. When we confess our sins and practice these disciplines, our heart stays clean. And the power of God flows through a clean heart.

Forgive and Forget, Let go and Let GOD, this is a huge area of struggle for me as I know it is with most people, we just don't know how to let go of hurts and pains. We don't choose to hang on to them for the most part, they are just there and they are soooo strong it can seem overwhelming. I still struggle with this because of family. Those are the hardest to let go of because you think this is my family it should not be like this. Then I go to Psalm 64 and there is comfort. There is a book called Forgive and Forget, Healing the hurts we don't deserve. I would recommend anyone to read this book. There is a chapter Forgiving People who are hard to forgive, such as the parent who has died, or forgiving people who do not care, or people who think they do no wrong and it is all you.

Those are the people who need forgiveness the most. No one is perfect, only Jesus Christ, and we all have to ask for forgiveness at some point or another. So if we ask and expect (Mark 11:24) then shouldn't we also try our hardest to be forgiving. Believe me I know how hard it is, I forgave the man who molested me when I was 8. And some 20 years later he died of cancer, he was my moms boyfriend, I go to the gravesite to see my grandpa and grandma and Aunt and he is there, it is good for me that I can stand there and know that he knew that I forgave him. It gives me peace. I am still alive I need that peace.

The Bible makes it clear that the only way we can put negative parts of the past behind us is through forgiveness-unlimited forgiveness. In order to forgive and have peace you have to freely forgive not under pressure. Do it for you not the other person. You are not condoning what they have done. You are making yourself stronger and releasing bitter feelings that are holding you in a circling pattern like an airplane. Get yourself grounded and feel the freedom that GOD so wants you to have.